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stilt walker at the national convention centre in christchurch New Zealand

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Stilt fairy
stilt wizards performance in Cnaberra
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Traditional Stilt walkers and Children's Entertainment

Stilt fairies, Butterflies, Wizards, Magicians, Ring Masters and Colourful Stilt clowns..

Trained as Kid's entertainers Will-o'-the-Wisp have a huge variety of stilt characters to hire. Our performers are highly interactive, cheerful and always have a trick or two for your amusement. Have a look at our selection of characters here, or email us with specific requests.

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stilt wizard
high five on stilts
stilt walkers performance at a folk festival, Australia
close up of fairy belt
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Lillith the Blue Fairy is one of our favourite fairy characters. We also have fairies in Gold, Purple and dark red. Our Fairies are best suited to children's events, festivals, shopping malls and day care centre parties.

These fairies have performed at the opening of libraries, westfield shopping centers, and at numerous festivals around Australia.

Costumes were hand made by textile Artist Sharon B

fun on stilts at the port fairy folk festival in Australia
stilt walkers at a festival in Australia performing near Melbourne
will-o'-the-wisp stilt walkers on tour in the UK

Stilt walkers and festival roving entertainment in the traditional stilt style of top hat, tails and looooong legs. High energy, fun and can perform indoors or out. Three stilt heights and a variety of colour options to chose from.

Celtic lord of the Rings style elves
festival stilt walking entertainers perform for the children
fiddle playing stilt walker

Silvius and Silba

Stilt Wizards for kid's entertainment. These two mischievous characters perform bubble blowing and balloon twisting while on stilts.

Folk musicians playing traditional Celtic music on stilts. Available as a solo, duet or trio act. These Characters have been known to start folk dances in the midst of the festival grounds..

'Lord of the Rings' style Elves and Hobbits have also been known to walk the path with these characters.

Fairies and Butterflies

blue fairy on stilts

Wizards and Magicians

Traditional Stilt Walkers

The Celts, Elves and Hobbits

Stilt walkers, performance of stilt dance

The Circus Stilt Duet!

Two stunning stilt circus characters performing walkabout tricks of juggling, hula hoops, dance moves and hat manipulation. This duet is super high energy, lots of audience interaction and loads of tricks to amuse the kids. Available for roving or short shows.

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stilt walkers, performers
high stilts stripes and tricks
walkover on stilts
stilt performance
stilt dancers
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